Membership Benefits

REALTOR Benefits

For the Public

The gold standard here is content which includes our broker’s property listings, open house listings, information about real estate services, related services and current mortgage rates, among other things. has become a trusted resource for consumers to go for real estate information. This translates into qualified leads for you the member. The website generates substantial traffic with approximately 300,000 visits a year. This in turn provides the greatest exposure possible for your property listings and reinforces the benefits of working with a REALTOR. The web site is also be used as a means to highlight the various ancillary services that are available through our web partners, in particular, and our affiliate members in general.

For the Member

This website is essentially a “virtual” real estate association. Through the private side the member can access the site via a password to perform any number of functions such as downloading standardized forms and contracts, accessing meeting information, placing a message on the message board or retrieving general information. Such information includes a calendar of events, announcements, education and training schedules, membership roster, membership application forms, related links, association bylaws, MIS rules and a listing of CAAR affinity partners. Also, as a member you will have access to a wealth of information located on the Illinois Association of REALTORS®’ website at as well as the National Association of REALTORS®’ website at

Standard Forms & Contracts

Real estate industry forms, drafted and approved by the association's legal counsel are currently available to all members at a very reasonable cost. These forms are also available for downloading from the member’s only side of CAAR is constantly updating and publishing new contracts, riders and other forms which protect you and the public. InstanetForms allows members with MIS access to easily access and complete documents online related to the transaction. Using this software transaction information is entered once and carried across the forms needed to complete a transaction.

Risk Reduction Services

The association's attorney provides the association with opinions and about legal issues which affect the association and segments of its membership. The association communicates information to the members about such legal issues and operates its programs and activities in a manner to minimize any legal liability to the association or its members. Errors and omissions insurance is available at reduced rates via carriers endorsed by both IAR and NAR.

Realtor Store

The REALTOR Store provides a full range of essential supplies and marketing tools such as brochure boxes, sign riders, combination lockboxes, publications, closing gifts and more.

Publications and Communications

The REALTOR® organization at all levels provides members with the most up-to-date information available about subjects of interest and concern. Through the NAR you regularly receive "REALTOR® Magazine", the industry's leading trade magazine. IAR's publication the Illinois REALTOR®, presents industry news, legislative and legal updates, calendar of events and news about other local associations around the state. Locally, the association publishes electronically the monthly REALTOR® Review, which consists of: a review of the association’s events; news and highlights from committees; industry news; legislative and legal updates; and a calendar of events. In addition to print publications the association also disseminates its “Dateline” email bulletin several times a month. Additionally, the association uses as a means to communicate with its membership.

Public Relations

In an effort to promote better understanding of the real estate profession and enhance the REALTOR brand, CAAR conducts various public relations programs. CAAR contacts television, radio and newspaper by way of direct news releases or press conferences concerning various issues or events. CAAR also acts as a resource to the media. Enabled by a special annual member assessment the NAR continues with its aggressive REALTOR branding campaign as well.

Professional Resources and Support

You have a vast support structure behind you to help you along your career path. By far, one of the most often cited benefits of membership is access to a local professional full-time association staff. The staff of the association stand ready to assist and welcome your calls and inquiries at 217/698-7000. At the state level assistance is just a phone call away via the IAR Memberline. By calling the Memberline at 1-800-752-3275 IAR staff will help answer any questions you may have.

Networking Opportunities

There are many opportunities to relax and mingle with your colleagues by participating in various association activities, formal social events, banquets, community service projects committee meetings and many other gatherings. What better way to make new contacts and friends than to attend and participate in activities such as: the Annual Meeting held in September; the Installation Banquet held in October; the Holiday Party; the Annual Golf Outing; Annual Awards Program; Break-for-Hot-Topic programs, Member Networking Forums; Community Service events; and, many more activities throughout the year.

Multiple Information Service (MIS)

Currently. Designated REALTORS® may also choose to belong to the Multiple Information Service (MIS). The quarterly MIS dues pay for access to and use of all property listing inventory. In addition to the user friendly environment and many custom search features "InnoVia" includes integrated public records for Christian, Menard, Morgan and Sangamon Counties, mapping features (including District 186), CMA features, e-mail capabilities and more. This new technology has made it possible for member’s to easily and efficiently display their property listings and open house information on the web through a seamless interface with, and as an easy-to-use listing syndication service offered through that provides additional exposure on up to 40 nationally trafficked real estate websites.

In 2006 the MIS was one of the first in the country to incorporate transaction management software (Instanet Solutions TransactionDesk) as a core feature of the MIS. This software enables users to conduct a “paperless” transaction taking it from listing to contract to closing entirely online. MIS software training is offered on a regular basis to all members for the beginning user and the advanced user. This MIS system is supported by a knowledgeable staff who stands ready to serve you.


Member Discounts and Services

The association is always working to identify and develop new products and services for its membership including affinity relationships. As a member you will be entitled to various discounts and services made available through affinity programs at all three levels of the organization. To learn about these offerings go to:

Capital Area Association of REALTORS
Illinois Association of REALTORS
National Association of REALTORS

Lockbox System

As an optional fee-based service members of the MIS may choose to utilize a state-of-the-art lockbox system by Sentrilock Company which, among other things, allows you to keep track of your property showings.

Liaison with Other Groups

The association maintains contact with other organizations which share similar interests and goals of REALTORS®. Information and mutual activities are coordinated with organizations representing home builders, home inspectors, lenders, insurers, attorneys and others.

Legal Hotline

Grievance and Professional Standards

By enforcing the REALTORS® Code of Ethics, and helping to arbitrate disagreements among members, the association encourages high standards of business conduct in the industry. The association's Grievance Committee and Professional Standards Committee is responsible for investigating complaints and conducting hearings when business disputes occur between members. Under the Code of Ethics, arbitration is both a duty and privilege. The association also offers voluntary mediation as an alternative to arbitration. This service offers an alternative to costly litigation.

Opportunities for Involvement

The association is for the member and is just that... theirs... theirs to use, learn from, enjoy, profit from and also to serve. Your association is governed and operated by its members, for the benefit of its members. Members voluntarily serve on the Board of Directors and numerous committees and task forces that give direction and manpower to operate the many programs, services and events of the association. A full-time professional staff plus legal and accounting counsel provide the day-to-day management and specialized services while also reporting to the membership.

Yes, you too have a "say" in the association and are encouraged to participate as your time and talents allow. You will soon find that your participation will create an increased sense of belonging and will multiply the benefits you receive from the association. People that you meet through the association will become contacts, mentors, supporters and friends now and for the future.

Here is a list of committees available by appointment for your participation:

Community Service
Commercial Real Estate Network
Governmental Affairs
Member Networking Forum
Member Services & Marketing
Multiple Information Service
Professional Standards
REALTOR and Developer
REALTOR and Affiliate

Governmental Affairs and Lobbying

Our Voice for Real Estate is sounded at the local, state and national levels through a team of professional lobbyists. Locally, your association staff and leadership are looking out for your interests and are continually in contact with elected officials. CAAR monitors issues that affect real estate and housing, coordinates political education of the membership and readies appropriate political actions. Due to more than 700 members locally and the fact that the association is able to speak as one voice we are very effective in advancing our legislative position whether it be before a municipality or a county board. Locally, through cooperation with the IAR, the association has the benefit of a full-time Governmental Affairs Director that is shared among other neighboring associations.

Facilities Use

Members of the association have the ability to rent for a very reasonable rate the association’s lower level for certain activities that are not deemed to be in conflict or competition with the association’s offerings or its mission.

Exclusive Use of the Term REALTOR

The term REALTOR® is a registered trademark that can be used only by those members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. As a member of this association you can use the term REALTOR® on any of your signs, stationary, etc. to set yourself apart. Your association promotes the term REALTOR® and the use of a REALTORS®’ services in many ways. There are certain restrictions that come with its use, however, so we recommend you familiarize yourself with these guidelines.

Education and Resources

Enjoy discounted member rates on multiple educational opportunities that are offered to help you further your career and increase your earnings. Continuing education courses taught by quality instructors, to meet the State's 12-hour educational requirement for biennial license renewal along with the broker management training program are offered at discounted prices to members in conjunction with the IAR. In addition, high caliber professional development courses are taught annually by nationally known instructors in specialty areas of real estate. Our basic orientation class is 1 ½ days and is required for all new members. These classes provide instruction on important topics as well as outline the opportunities and responsibilities of a REALTOR®. Seminars, workshops and MIS breakfasts are held year-round on topics of interest and necessity to members. CAAR events offer a special opportunity to learn from the experts while making new friends. The association’s resource library contains many current reference materials that are available to you for loan. Materials are available for loan from the IAR library as well. Additionally, a computer terminal with Internet access is located in the association library for convenient member use.

Computer Instruction

The association offers software training for association members including basic InnoVia, Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), advanced InnoVia, and transaction management, just to name a few. Additionally, as an association member you can enjoy discounted rates for training taken through NovaTech Solutions.

Affiliate Benefits

About Affiliate Membership

You are involved in real estate transactions. Whether an attorney, title insurer, lending institution officer, appraiser, builder, surveyor or contractor, your professional services are part of many sales and leasing agreements.

Persons such as yourself, who supply valuable service and support for real estate owners, sellers and their agents, are eligible to apply for Affiliate membership in the Capital Area Association of REALTORS® and the Illinois Association of REALTORS®.


Included in your membership subscriptions to informative publications. You will receive news of local market conditions, trends and activities directly from the Association. Often you will receive special bulletins and other reports about late-breaking developments, as regular newsletter updates.

When you join the Illinois Association of REALTORS®, you will receive the Illinois REALTOR®, with the latest news and information from throughout the state about matters which directly concern each member. Additionally, you are eligible for member rates at various events and activities.

As you become more involved with activities of the Association, you may also receive one or more specialized newsletters. These include governmental and political news updates and issue background papers, and behind-the-scenes reports of particular interest to industry leaders.

Business Opportunities

Real estate transactions involve many people. You can become well acquainted with many of these individuals and their firms by participating in the programs and activities of the Capital Area Association of REALTORS® and the Illinois Association of REALTORS®. Your involvement as an affiliate member will help you expand your contacts in the business community and increase your prospects for business opportunities.


Whatever your particular interests in real estate, there are courses and seminars offered by the Capital Area Association of REALTORS® to help keep you informed of the latest technology techniques and practices. These programs, often available to members at reduced rates, help you keep a step or two ahead of your competition.


Through the many community service programs of the Capital Area Association of REALTORS®, a strong and positive image of its individual members is continuously built in your community. You, as an affiliate member, benefit directly from this increasing level of public recognition and respect.


One of many rewarding advantages of your affiliate membership is the gathering of a new group of friends. Knowing someone who is actively involved in a specialty occupation which affects your business, or talking things over with someone who has experienced a particular aspect of your business, can help you find solutions to problems you confront.

Size and Strength

Joining the Capital Area Association of REALTORS® makes you part of a large and growing force in your community. By joining the Illinois Association of REALTORS®, you become part of the largest real estate organization in Illinois.

You’ll be part of the strength of the Association, which has been recognized for generations as the unified voice for the interests of property owners and agents in Illinois. The effect of the members’ collective impact on issues is pronounced. Whether it is your local Board helping to solve problems unique to your community, or the Illinois Association of REALTORS® working to bring harmony to matters affecting communities throughout the state, your views command, attention through the voice of your Association.

A Closer Look

  • Announcement of your membership in association newsletter
  • Listing on ancillary service section of
  • Weekly email bulletin
  • Frequent market activity reports
  • Notice of sponsorship opportunities
  • Access to public records information for certain counties*
  • Access to sold and closed information*
  • Networking opportunities:
    • golf outing
    • annual awards program
    • annual meeting
    • holiday party
    • quarterly breakfasts
    • miscellaneous functions
  • Free member roster
  • REALTOR mailing labels at cost
  • Member rates on rental of CAAR training room
  • Volunteer opportunities
* extra fee applies