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Problems with SentriLock

Having problems with your SentriLock Member ID card, card reader or lockbox?

Be sure to call the SentriLock Support line (1-877-736-8745 FREE1-877-736-8745) for any problems you might be having with your SentriLock Member ID card, lockbox or card reader.  Before CAR staff can replace your equipment it is essential you troubleshoot your problem with SentriLock Support.  After determining the problem SentriLock assigns a “ticket number” for the incident and notifies CAR via email with details of the problem including instructions to replace equipment if necessary.  The “ticket number” is necessary for CAR to receive replacements from SentriLock for defective equipment and restock our inventory.

Please do not bring your equipment to CAR unless you have first called SentriLock Support (1-877-736-8745 FREE1-877-736-8745).  In many cases they are able to solve the problem without replacing your equipment.

If the internal batteries in the lockbox are dead, you will need a temporary power source to allow you to open the key compartment and replace the internal lockbox batteries.  These instructions are critical to the effective use of the paddle.  A paddle can be borrowed from the MLS office.   Some offices have invested in their own paddle as well.
Power Paddle Usage Instructions 

SentriLock Support hours – 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. – 7 Days a week




Download SentriSmart for Easy Access to Lockboxes!

Have you downloaded the SentriSmart App from the Apple App Store or Google Play?

If not, do it now! After you register the app to your phone, you’ll have an excellent alternative and backup to your Sentri-Card that will open lockboxes – even when you forget to update your card or leave it at home! You can even manage your own lockboxes – right from your phone!

Tip – The next time an agent calls for a one day code, tell them to download the app!

SentriLock Tutorial

Important Note:  When accessing the app you will need to enter your 4 digit member ID - CAAR (e.g., XXXX-CAAR) and the same password you use to update your SentrCard.














Download flyer HERE.